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Enumeration members



Type aliases


Enumeration members


Type aliases

BaseSignOptions: Readonly<{ app: string; identity?: string; keychain?: string; platform?: ElectronMacPlatform }>
CreateOptions: { dot?: boolean; globOptions?: IOptions; ordering?: string; pattern?: string; unpack?: string; unpackDir?: string; transform?: any }

Type declaration

  • Optional dot?: boolean
  • Optional globOptions?: IOptions
  • Optional ordering?: string
  • Optional pattern?: string
  • Optional unpack?: string
  • Optional unpackDir?: string
  • transform?:function
    • transform(filePath: string): void | ReadWriteStream
    • Parameters

      • filePath: string

      Returns void | ReadWriteStream

ElectronMacPlatform: "darwin" | "mas"
ElectronProcess: ChildProcess & { restarted: boolean }
FinalizePackageTargetsHookFunction: (targets: TargetDefinition[], callback: HookFunctionErrorCallback) => void

Type declaration

ForgeHookFn<Hook>: Hook extends keyof ForgeSimpleHookSignatures ? ForgeSimpleHookFn<Hook> : Hook extends keyof ForgeMutatingHookSignatures ? ForgeMutatingHookFn<Hook> : never

Type parameters

ForgeHookMap: { [ S in ForgeHookName]?: ForgeHookFn<S> }
ForgeListrTaskDefinition: ListrTask<never>
ForgeMultiHookMap: { [ S in ForgeHookName]?: ForgeHookFn<S> | ForgeHookFn<S>[] }
ForgeMutatingHookFn<Hook>: (forgeConfig: ResolvedForgeConfig, ...args: ForgeMutatingHookSignatures[Hook]) => Promise<ForgeMutatingHookSignatures[Hook][0] | undefined>

Type parameters

Type declaration

ForgePackagerOptions: Omit<Options, "dir" | "arch" | "platform" | "out" | "electronVersion">
ForgeRebuildOptions: Omit<RebuildOptions, "buildPath" | "electronVersion" | "arch">
ForgeSimpleHookFn<Hook>: (forgeConfig: ResolvedForgeConfig, ...args: ForgeSimpleHookSignatures[Hook]) => Promise<void>

Type parameters

Type declaration

HookFunction: (buildPath: string, electronVersion: string, platform: TargetArch, arch: TargetArch, callback: HookFunctionErrorCallback) => void

Type declaration

    • A function that is called on the completion of a packaging stage.

      By default, the functions are called in parallel (via Promise.all). If you need the functions called serially, there is a utility function provided. Please note that callback-style functions are not supported by serialHooks. For example:

      const packager = require('@electron/packager')
      const { serialHooks } = require('@electron/packager/src/hooks')

      // ...
      afterCopy: [serialHooks([
      (buildPath, electronVersion, platform, arch) => {
      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      setTimeout(() => {
      console.log('first function')
      }, 1000)
      (buildPath, electronVersion, platform, arch) => {
      console.log('second function')
      // ...

      For real-world examples of HookFunctions, see the list of related plugins.


      Returns void

HookFunction: (fileToSign: string) => void | Promise<void>

Type declaration

    • (fileToSign: string): void | Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      • fileToSign: string

      Returns void | Promise<void>

HookFunctionErrorCallback: (err?: Error | null) => void

Type declaration

    • (err?: Error | null): void
    • Parameters

      • Optional err: Error | null

      Returns void

IgnoreFunction: (path: string) => boolean

Type declaration

    • (path: string): boolean
    • A predicate function that, given an absolute file path, returns true if the file should be ignored, or false if the file should be kept. This does not use any of the default ignored files/directories listed for the ignore option.


      • path: string

      Returns boolean

InnerStartResult: ElectronProcess | string | string[] | false
ListrBaseClassOptions<Ctx, Renderer, FallbackRenderer>: ListrOptions<Ctx> & ListrDefaultRendererOptions<Renderer> & ListrDefaultNonTTYRendererOptions<FallbackRenderer>

Parent class options.

Parent class has more options where you can also select the and set renderer and non-tty renderer.

Any subtasks will respect those options so they will be stripped of that properties.

Type parameters

ListrContext: any | undefined

Listr Default Context

ListrDefaultRenderer: typeof DefaultRenderer

Type of default renderer

ListrDefaultRendererValue: "default"

The default renderer value used in Listr2 applications

ListrEvent: { data?: string | boolean; type: Exclude<ListrEventType, "MESSAGE" | "DATA"> } | { data: string; type: DATA } | { data: Task<any, any>["message"]; type: MESSAGE }

The internal communication event.

ListrFallbackRenderer: typeof VerboseRenderer

Type of default fallback renderer

ListrFallbackRendererValue: "verbose"

Name of default fallback renderer

Returns the class type from friendly names of the renderers.

Type parameters

ListrGetRendererOptions<T>: T extends ListrDefaultRendererValue ? ListrDefaultRenderer["rendererOptions"] : T extends ListrSimpleRendererValue ? ListrSimpleRenderer["rendererOptions"] : T extends ListrFallbackRendererValue ? ListrFallbackRenderer["rendererOptions"] : T extends ListrSilentRenderer ? ListrSilentRenderer["rendererOptions"] : T extends ListrRendererFactory ? T["rendererOptions"] : never

Returns renderer global options depending on the renderer type.

Type parameters

ListrGetRendererTaskOptions<T>: T extends ListrDefaultRendererValue ? ListrDefaultRenderer["rendererTaskOptions"] : T extends ListrSimpleRendererValue ? ListrSimpleRenderer : T extends ListrFallbackRendererValue ? ListrFallbackRenderer["rendererTaskOptions"] : T extends ListrSilentRenderer ? ListrSilentRenderer["rendererTaskOptions"] : T extends ListrRendererFactory ? T["rendererTaskOptions"] : never

Returns renderer per task options depending on the renderer type.

Type parameters

ListrRendererFactory: typeof ListrRenderer

A renderer factory from the current type

Listr2 can process either the integrated renderers as string aliases, or utilize a compatible style renderer that extends the ListrRenderer abstract class.

ListrSilentRenderer: typeof SilentRenderer

Typeof silent renderer

ListrSilentRendererValue: "silent"

Silent rendere for internal usage

ListrSimpleRenderer: typeof SimpleRenderer

Typeof simple renderer

ListrSimpleRendererValue: "simple"

Simple renderer that simplifies things

ListrSubClassOptions<Ctx, Renderer>: ListrOptions<Ctx> & Omit<ListrDefaultRendererOptions<Renderer>, "renderer">

Sub class options.

Subtasks has reduced set options where the missing ones are explicitly set by the base class.

Type parameters

ListrTaskResult<Ctx>: string | Promise<any> | Listr<Ctx, ListrRendererValue, any> | Readable | NodeJS.ReadableStream | Observable<any>

Task can be set of sync or async function, an Observable or a stream.

Type parameters

  • Ctx

MakeUniversalOpts: Parameters<typeof makeUniversalApp>[0]
MakeUniversalOpts: { arm64AppPath: string; force?: boolean; infoPlistsToIgnore?: string; mergeASARs?: boolean; outAppPath: string; singleArchFiles?: string; x64AppPath: string; x64ArchFiles?: string }

Type declaration

  • arm64AppPath: string

    Absolute file system path to the arm64 version of your application. E.g. /Foo/bar/MyApp_arm64.app

  • Optional force?: boolean

    Forcefully overwrite any existing files that are in the way of generating the universal application

  • Optional infoPlistsToIgnore?: string

    Minimatch pattern of paths that should not receive an injected ElectronAsarIntegrity value

  • Optional mergeASARs?: boolean

    Merge x64 and arm64 ASARs into one.

  • outAppPath: string

    Absolute file system path you want the universal app to be written to. E.g. /Foo/var/MyApp_universal.app

    If this file exists it will be overwritten ONLY if "force" is set to true

  • Optional singleArchFiles?: string

    Minimatch pattern of paths that are allowed to be present in one of the ASAR files, but not in the other.

  • x64AppPath: string

    Absolute file system path to the x64 version of your application. E.g. /Foo/bar/MyApp_x64.app

  • Optional x64ArchFiles?: string

    Minimatch pattern of binaries that are expected to be the same x64 binary in both of the ASAR files.

ModuleType: "prod" | "dev" | "optional"
OfficialArch: "ia32" | "x64" | "armv7l" | "arm64" | "mips64el" | "universal"

Architectures that have been supported by the official Electron prebuilt binaries, past and present.

OfficialPlatform: "linux" | "win32" | "darwin" | "mas"

Platforms that have been supported by the official Electron prebuilt binaries, past and present.

OnlySignOptions: { binaries?: string[]; identityValidation?: boolean; ignore?: string | string[] | ((file: string) => boolean); preAutoEntitlements?: boolean; preEmbedProvisioningProfile?: boolean; provisioningProfile?: string; strictVerify?: boolean; type?: SigningDistributionType; version?: string; optionsForFile?: any }

Type declaration

  • Optional binaries?: string[]
  • Optional identityValidation?: boolean
  • Optional ignore?: string | string[] | ((file: string) => boolean)
  • Optional preAutoEntitlements?: boolean
  • Optional preEmbedProvisioningProfile?: boolean
  • Optional provisioningProfile?: string
  • Optional strictVerify?: boolean
  • Optional type?: SigningDistributionType
  • Optional version?: string
  • optionsForFile?:function
    • Parameters

      • filePath: string

      Returns PerFileSignOptions

OsxSignOptions: Omit<SignOptions, "app" | "binaries" | "platform" | "version">

See the documentation for @electron/osx-sign for details.

OsxUniversalOptions: Omit<MakeUniversalOpts, "x64AppPath" | "arm64AppPath" | "outAppPath" | "force">

See the documentation for @electron/universal for details.

PerFileSignOptions: { entitlements?: string | string[]; hardenedRuntime?: boolean; requirements?: string; signatureFlags?: string | string[]; timestamp?: string }

Any missing options will use the default values, providing a partial structure will shallow merge with the default values.

Type declaration

  • Optional entitlements?: string | string[]

    The entitlements file to use when signing this file

  • Optional hardenedRuntime?: boolean

    Whether to enable hardened runtime for this file. Enabled by default.

  • Optional requirements?: string

    The designated requirements to embed when signing this file

  • Optional signatureFlags?: string | string[]

    See --options of the "codesign" command.

  • Optional timestamp?: string

    The timestamp server to use when signing, by default uses the Apple provided timestamp server.

PromptOptions<T>: Unionize<{ [ K in PromptTypes]-?: T extends true ? { type: K } & PromptOptionsType<K> & { name: string | (() => string) } : { type: K } & PromptOptionsType<K> }> | (({ type: string } & T) extends true ? PromptOptionsType<string> & { name: string | (() => string) } : PromptOptionsType<string>)

Returns all the prompt options depending on the type selected.

Type parameters

  • T: boolean = false

PromptOptionsType<T>: T extends keyof PromptOptionsMap ? PromptOptionsMap[T] : T extends string ? BasePromptOptions & Record<PropertyKey, unknown> : any

Type parameters

  • T

PromptTypes: "AutoComplete" | "BasicAuth" | "Confirm" | "Editable" | "Form" | "Input" | "Invisible" | "List" | "MultiSelect" | "Numeral" | "Password" | "Quiz" | "Scale" | "Select" | "Snippet" | "Sort" | "Survey" | "Text" | "Toggle"
RebuildMode: "sequential" | "parallel"
SignOptions: Readonly<OnlySignOptions & BaseSignOptions>
SigningDistributionType: "development" | "distribution"
SnapcraftConfig: Record<string, unknown>

Additional Snapcraft configuration that is merged directly into snapcraft.yaml. In general, this does not override any configuration that is set via Options.

StartResult: InnerStartResult | { result: InnerStartResult; tasks: ForgeListrTaskDefinition[] }
TargetArch: OfficialArch | string
TargetDefinition: { arch: TargetArch; platform: TargetPlatform }

Type declaration

TargetPlatform: OfficialPlatform | string
TeardownLogic: Subscription | Unsubscribable | (() => void) | void
TraceOptions: { category: string; extraDetails?: Record<string, string>; name: string; newRoot?: boolean }

Type declaration

  • category: string
  • Optional extraDetails?: Record<string, string>
  • name: string
  • Optional newRoot?: boolean
Unionize<T>: { [ P in keyof T]: T[P] }[keyof T]

Type parameters

  • T: Record<PropertyKey, unknown>


  • Parameters

    Returns Promise<void>