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Module @electron-forge/plugin-electronegativity


The Electronegativity plugin integrates Doyensec's Electronegativity tool into the Electron Forge workflow. After packaging your Electron app, it identifies any known misconfigurations and security anti-patterns.

// forge.config.js

module.exports = {
plugins: [
isSarif: true



Re-exports ElectronegativityPlugin

Type aliases

Confidence: "certain" | "firm" | "tentative"
CustomCheck: "dangerousfunctionsjscheck" | "remotemodulejscheck"
ElectronegativityConfig: { confidenceSet?: Confidence; customScan?: CustomCheck[]; electronUpgrade?: string; isRelative?: boolean; isSarif?: boolean; output?: string; parserPlugins?: string[]; severitySet?: Severity }

Type declaration

  • Optional confidenceSet?: Confidence

    Only return findings with the specified level of confidence or above.

    Defaults to tentative.

  • Optional customScan?: CustomCheck[]

    Specified checks to run.

  • Optional electronUpgrade?: string

    Specify a range to run Electron upgrade checks. For example, '7..8' checks an upgrade from Electron 7 to Electron 8.

  • Optional isRelative?: boolean

    Whether to show relative paths for files.

    Defaults to false.

  • Optional isSarif?: boolean

    Whether to save the output in SARIF or CSV format.

    Defaults to CSV.

  • Optional output?: string

    Save the results to a file in CSV or SARIF format.

  • Optional parserPlugins?: string[]

    Specify additional parser plugins to use. For example, optionalChaining.

    Defaults to empty array ([])

  • Optional severitySet?: Severity

    Only return findings with the specified level of severity or above.

    Defaults to informational.

Severity: "high" | "medium" | "low" | "informational"