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Module @electron-forge/core

Electron Forge Core

This module contains the core logic of Electron Forge and exposes the base API as a number of simple JS functions.

Basic Usage

import { api } from '@electron-forge/core';

// Package the current directory as an Electron app

The named export api has it's methods documented over at ForgeAPI. All the methods are async and expose the core forge methods, please note that all user-side configuration is still done through your forge config file or the "config.forge" section of your package.json. This API simply let's you call the methods in node land without using the CLI.

Error Handling

As all methods return a promise you should handle all rejections, you should note that rejections will not always be errors, in fact we commonly reject our promises with just strings so do not assume that properties such as stack or message will exist on thrown errors.


Type aliases

ElectronProcess: ChildProcess & { restarted: boolean }


api: ForgeAPI = ...
utils: ForgeUtils = ...