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cacheRoot?: string

The directory that caches Electron artifact downloads.

The default value is dependent upon the host platform:

  • Linux: $XDG_CACHE_HOME or ~/.cache/electron/
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Caches/electron/
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%/electron/Cache or ~/AppData/Local/electron/Cache/
checksums?: Record<string, string>

Provides checksums for the artifact as strings. Can be used if you already know the checksums of the Electron artifact you are downloading and want to skip the checksum file download without skipping the checksum validation.

This should be an object whose keys are the file names of the artifacts and the values are their respective SHA256 checksums.

downloadOptions?: any

Options passed to the downloader module.

downloader?: Downloader<any>

The custom Downloader class used to download artifacts. Defaults to the built-in {@link GotDownloader}.

force?: boolean

Whether to download an artifact regardless of whether it's in the cache directory.

Defaults to false.

mirrorOptions?: MirrorOptions

Options related to specifying an artifact mirror.

tempDirectory?: string

A temporary directory for downloads. It is used before artifacts are put into cache.

unsafelyDisableChecksums?: boolean

When set to true, disables checking that the artifact download completed successfully with the correct payload.

Defaults to false.