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  • WebpackPluginRendererConfig



config: string | WebpackConfiguration

The webpack config for your renderer process

Array of entry points, these should map to the windows your app needs to open. Each window requires it's own entry point

jsonStats?: boolean

Instructs webpack to emit a JSON file containing statistics about modules, the dependency graph, and various other build information for the renderer process during the app packaging process. This file is located in .webpack/renderer/stats.json, but is not actually packaged with your app.

nodeIntegration?: boolean

Override the webpack config for this renderer based on whether nodeIntegration for the BrowserWindow is enabled. For webpack's target option:

  • When nodeIntegration is true, the target is electron-renderer.
  • When nodeIntegration is false, the target is web.

Unfortunately, we cannot derive the value from the main process code as it can be dynamically generated at run-time, and webpack processes at build-time.

Defaults to false (as it is disabled by default in Electron >= 5).