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appUserModelId?: string

String to set as appUserModelId on the shortcut. If none is passed, it'll be set to com.squirrel.(Name).(exe), which should match the id given to your app by Squirrel.

certificateFile?: string

The path to an Authenticode Code Signing Certificate.

certificatePassword?: string

The password to decrypt the certificate given in certificateFile.

description?: string

The app's description

exe?: string

The name of the exe file

features?: false | Features

Enables configuration of the autoUpdate and autoLaunch features. By default, they are disabled.

icon?: string
language?: number

The Microsoft Windows Language Code identifier used by the installer. Will use 1033 (English, United-States) if left undefined.

manufacturer?: string

The app's manufacturer

name?: string

The app's name

programFilesFolderName?: string

Name of the folder your app will live in. Will use the app's name if left undefined.

shortName?: string

A short name for the app, used wherever spaces and special characters are not allowed. Will use the name if left undefined.

shortcutFolderName?: string

Name of the shortcut folder in the Windows Start Menu. Will use the manufacturer field if left undefined.

signWithParams?: string

Parameters to pass to signtool.exe. Overrides certificateFile and certificatePassword.

ui?: false | UIOptions

Enables configuration of the UI

upgradeCode?: string

A unique UUID used by your app to identify itself. This module will generate one for you, but it is important to reuse it to enable conflict-free upgrades.

version?: string

The app's version


  • beforeCreate(creator: MSICreator): void | Promise<void>