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Interface MakerWixConfig


  • MakerWixConfig



Optional appUserModelId

appUserModelId: undefined | string

String to set as appUserModelId on the shortcut. If none is passed, it'll be set to com.squirrel.(Name).(exe), which should match the id given to your app by Squirrel.

Optional beforeCreate

beforeCreate: undefined | function

Allows for the modification of the MSICreator before create is called.

Optional certificateFile

certificateFile: undefined | string

The path to an Authenticode Code Signing Certificate.

Optional certificatePassword

certificatePassword: undefined | string

The password to decrypt the certificate given in certificateFile.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

The app's description

Optional exe

exe: undefined | string

The name of the exe file

Optional language

language: undefined | number

The Microsoft Windows Language Code identifier used by the installer. Will use 1033 (English, United-States) if left undefined.

Optional manufacturer

manufacturer: undefined | string

The app's manufacturer

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The app's name

Optional programFilesFolderName

programFilesFolderName: undefined | string

Name of the folder your app will live in. Will use the app's name if left undefined.

Optional shortName

shortName: undefined | string

A short name for the app, used wherever spaces and special characters are not allowed. Will use the name if left undefined.

Optional shortcutFolderName

shortcutFolderName: undefined | string

Name of the shortcut folder in the Windows Start Menu. Will use the manufacturer field if left undefined.

Optional signWithParams

signWithParams: undefined | string

Parameters to pass to signtool.exe. Overrides certificateFile and certificatePassword.

Optional ui

ui: UIOptions | false

Enables configuration of the UI

Optional upgradeCode

upgradeCode: undefined | string

A unique UUID used by your app to identify itself. This module will generate one for you, but it is important to reuse it to enable conflict-free upgrades.

Optional version

version: undefined | string

The app's version