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Interface MakerDMGConfig


  • MakerDMGConfig



Optional additionalDMGOptions

additionalDMGOptions: AdditionalDMGOptions

Additional options to pass through to node-appdmng

All available options are available in the appdmg docs

Optional background

background: undefined | string

Path to the background for the DMG window

Optional contents

contents: DMGContents[] | function

Override the contents of the DMG, has a reasonable default

Optional debug

debug: undefined | false | true

Enable debug message output

Optional format

format: "UDRW" | "UDRO" | "UDCO" | "UDZO" | "UDBZ" | "ULFO"

Disk image format

Default: UDZO

Optional icon

icon: undefined | string

Path to the icon to use for the app in the DMG window

Optional iconSize

iconSize: undefined | number

How big to make the icon for the app in the DMG

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The application name

Optional overwrite

overwrite: undefined | false | true

Overwrite an existing DMG file if if already exists